Reliquiae Anonymus

Exhibition”Reliquiae Anonymus” in the Kartäuserstraße 4


I moved to Erfurt in 2016 and since then I have lived here as a transit. Before I leave this city I will make some works that deal with Erfurt and my apartment.

A group of the buildings including my apartment had build in 14th century and utilized as a monastery of the Charthuisan Order until 19th century.

The structure inside of the building have been impressed me since the beginning. A 90cm thick wall between kitchen and living room behind which monks once had prayed, post and beam of wood, an arched construction of windows and a passage have remaining me an old history of the monastery .

I imagine the life of monks who had lived there with a holy feeling though I’m not a Christian.

I’m also making a installation inspired from old paving roads in the city including in front of the building of my apartment.

As I know Erfurt had existed as a city in DDR and some old people told me about the life in those era. But such calm and old districts make me feel I still live in the stream of the long lasting time.

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